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The Satellite State Disko is a troupe of Manchester DJs who push the boat out across the continents, with most focus on the music of the Balkans, Middle-East and South Asia…and often with a journey to the Beyond!

The Satellite State Disko team are DJs: Wondergupta, Mauri the Chef, Madam Tukatz, Bailey Bobbles and Wellington Wobble with his Wobble world sounds!

We heat up the diskoteque floor with our frenzied pace of Balkan brass, Gypsy-punks and bawdy Slavic drinking songs; vintage Bollywood, Calcutta-cool & Mumbai idols; along with supreme ska stylings & Latino lawlessness to the heady mix

From Cold-War discoteques to Gypsy beats of Balkan streets; radical Roma queen-wonders to moustached Slovenian cowboys: The Satellite State Disko is a Roma-fuelled escapade pounding through East European dance floors and beyond, celebrating the deep-seated glocal escapades of Roma citizens everywhere! The night courses through the Balkan Peninsula/ former Yugoslavia over to Soviet territories, EU locales and nation states throughout the world – infused with visuals and extra global dashes of trumpet champions, Ottoman chorals, Jamaican legends & Latino flamboyance!